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•	Sandwell Council leader Councillor Darren Cooper and Eddie Fisher who looks after the clock Clock enthusiasts will be turning back time when they descend on a Smethwick landmark after discovering a rare timepiece in the town.


Around 20 members of The Turret Clock Group of the Antiquarian Horological Society are planning a trip to study a rare clock in Smethwick Council House.   


The group say the clock is regarded as an important piece of history and are keen to investigate it further.


Group member Jonathan Ansell, from Market Drayton, in Shropshire, says the group believes the clock to be a three-train Smith of Derby flat-bed with gravity escapement.


They say it was probably installed when the building had just been erected, and are hopeful it remains more or less as it was when first installed making it a rare survivor.


Mr Ansell says great majority of similar clocks have been converted to electric drive or otherwise emasculated.


The group will be visiting Smethwick as part of a spring meeting which also takes in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter on March 21.


Council leader Councillor Darren Cooper said: “I was really impressed to go into the council house to see the wonderful workings of the clock which has been part of Smethwick’s life for more than 100 years.

“It is really interesting that this group are showing such an interest in the clock and I am proud that council workers down the years have been dedicated to the task of ensuring that the clock remains in full working order after all this time.”