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By using the comments system you can add an opinion to our site under the article or story of your choice/interest.

On Black Country News, you get more options and one of them allows you to have your say on the various articles/news/stories published. A great way to let other people know your views or share more information.

Each article - has under it a section allowing you to comment on the article or another perons comments.

Go on make your point of view count.

We try and vet every submission, but we may not get every comment. So please be aware young children and adults read on the site. If you see something you think needs reporting or offensive, pleae contact us with the information and we will look at the comment or article and get back to you or indeed remove.

If you have a story or article to share email us or use the contact us form to submit.

If you run a local club, group or organisation and want to start spreading news about it contact us.

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