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Dudley Council Landfill and Himley Road.

Who is responsible?

A journey taken by hundreds if not thousands of motorists each day through Dudley is being made arduous, hazardous and dirty due to the lack of responsibility by Dudley Council to use their duty of care and responsibility to ensure residents, road users and member of the public are safeguarded against hazardous and dangerous waste and lorries transporting their loads on the Himley Road.

Having taken this journey myself for a number of years, I can confirm the road is getting more hazardous and filthy every week.

On our journey the other day we witnessed a large landfill lorry every 5 minutes in either direction often two following in close proximity.

There are bits of bedding, rags and numerous items of refuse strewn the entire length of the Himley Road now.

At the end of Milking Bank Junction with Himley Road, there has been for around 18 months now a couple of what appear to be water tanks sat on the side of the road and park area. Or is this modern art by Dudley Council, who knows?

I'll be adding more pictures in the forums as the evidence becomes more apparent.

Also is it normal for tractors to be sourcing water from the stream down by the entrance to the landfill? Would really like to know what that is all about.


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